Fundraising made easy

Essentially Tamara Shower Bomb fundraising campaigns are modeled on the well-known chocolate drives. Take home method:

Essentially Tamara provides your club or school with shower bomb packs which contain everything that is needed to ensure the campaign runs smoothly. Each fundraising participant takes home a shower bomb carry pack. Each carry pack contains 25 shower bombs which are sold for $5 each. There are many different fragrances in the box to choose from. Once sold, the money is then returned to the school or club where a designated person checks and collects the money from the children.

No. All campaigns are run on a sale and return basis.

The standard order is one carry pack (25 shower bombs) per person.

Unfortunately not. Your shower bombs have been made to order for your fundraising campaign and cannot be returned.

This isn't a problem though because even once the fundraiser has officially ended, you can still sell whatever stock you have left over the next few weeks. Or if some of your sellers are selling quicker than others, you can give them some of the shower bombs from the sellers who are a little slower with the sales.

Each carry pack contains 25 individual shower bombs. You will also be notified of a discount code which is unique to your organisation. This will entitle the purchaser to a 10% discount online as well as 10% of sales going back to your club/school.

The packs will contain a variety of all of our fragrances, which means there will be suitable fragrances for women, men and children, but if you prefer to only have certain fragrances we are very happy to offer this.

We will supply you with a discount code specific to your organisation. When further orders are placed online using the discount code, not only will the purchaser receive a 10% discount, but the organisation will also receive 10% of that sale for a full month after the fundraiser ends.

Our price to you is inclusive of GST so don’t forget to claim it back!