Supporting our communities

Supporting our communities

A healthy alternative for your fundraising campaign.

The Tamara Shower Bomb fundraising campaign helps schools, clubs, sports teams and groups meet their fundraising targets by selling our beautifully fragranced and very unique shower bombs for a healthy profit. Our campaigns are modelled on the well known chocolate drives take-home method.

Our beautiful range of artisan-crafted shower bombs are to the shower what bath bombs are to the bath. Each shower bomb turns a mundane shower into a luxurious spa experience for the price of a cup of coffee. You make $2 profit for every shower bomb sold.

We provide you with everything that you need to ensure your campaign runs as smoothly as possible.

Our points of difference

  No upfront payment Continued income Exclusively for fundraising Non-calorific product
Essentially Tamara
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  • No upfront payment. Unlike some fundraisers, we don’t ask for the products to be paid for before you receive them. Meaning that you do not need to outlay a large sum of money to start your campaign.
  • Continued income even after your fundraiser ends! We also offer your supporters a 10% discount voucher to use online with every fundraising product purchased. This means that if any of your supporters buy online using the discount code, not only do they get a 10% discount on their purchase, we will also give you 10% of the sales for the month following the fundraiser. This would mean up to an additional $4.32 per product purchased online added to your fundraising total.
  • Exclusively for fundraising. These shower bombs are unique to our fundraising drives only and are not available in the shops.
  • A healthy fundraising alternative. Ours is a healthy alternative to traditional fundraisers using chocolates and other high calorific products. Our shower bombs are actually good for your mental health as they provide some very rare quality ‘me-time’ in our oh so busy lives.



The Bottom Line

You buy for You sell for Your profit
Each shower bomb $3 $5 $2
Box of 25 shower bombs $75 $125 $50
Carton of 6 boxes $450 $750 $300

Why our products are perfect for fundraising

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