Pamper Points Rewards

Pamper Points are our way of saying "thank you" to customers. Every time you order with us, you'll earn points that can save you money on your next order with us. So, they're just our way of giving a little something back to you!

You earn 5 Pamper Points for every $1 you spend. Every Pamper Point is worth 1c. For example, if you spend $40 on a purchase, you will earn 200 Pamper Points which will give you a $2 saving on your next order.

It's really easy to start earning Pamper Points - simply log in to your account here (or create one whilst placing an order if you haven't got one already). Then place your order and your Pamper Points will automatically be added to your Rewards dashboard.

The Pamper Points of any purchases made before you had an account will also be added to your total as soon as you create your account. Just remember to register with the same email address that you used to place your previous orders.

You can redeem your Pamper Points against any product we offer. Simply log in to your account, place your order and at the checkout you'll be able to use all or some of your Pamper Points as you choose to save money on your order. 

You can check your Pamper Points balance at any time by logging in to your account and visiting the Pamper Points dashboard. You can do this by clicking on the Rewards icon in the bottom left corner.

It's up to you when you redeem your Pamper Points, they never expire!

Other ways to earn Pamper Points

  • You earn an immediate 200 points (worth $2) simply by creating an account.
  • Give your friends and family the Refer a Friend code that you can find on your Pamper Points dashboard. Not only will they receive a $5 discount with their order but your account will also be credited with a $5 discount.

Pamper Points FAQ's

What are Pamper Points?

Pamper Points is a reward scheme for Essentially Tamara customers. Every time you order with us, you'll earn points that you can put towards your next order with us.

How do I collect Pamper Points?

You collect Pamper Points on every order you place with us on our website. The points you earn will be automatically credited to your account. If you cancel or return an order to us, we reserve the right to cancel the Pamper Points awarded for that order.

How much are my Pamper Points worth?

You earn 5 Pamper Points for every $1 you spend. Every Pamper Point is worth 1c. For example, if you spend $40 on a gift, you will earn 200 Pamper Points which will give you a $2 saving on your next order.

Can I earn Pamper Points in other ways?

You can earn Pamper Points by simply:

  • Creating an account
  • Following us on Facebook
  • Following us on Instagram
  • Registering your birthday 
  • Referring friends and family

How do I redeem my Pamper Points?

To redeem your Pamper Points, just log in to your account, place your order and at the checkout you'll be able to use all or some of your Pamper Points to reduce the cost of your order. 

If you have collected enough points, you can pay for an order in full using Pamper Points. You can only redeem Pamper Points with us and they cannot be exchanged for cash or other items. Pamper Points are also not transferable between accounts.

How can I check my Pamper Points balance?

You can check your Pamper Points balance at any time by logging into your customer account on the website. The total number of points and their value will be displayed at the top of the page. 

Do I have to register to claim Pamper Points?

You will need to be a registered customer to collect and store Pamper Points. The points that you accumulate will be stored in your account for you to save money on your future orders. We do offer a "Just Checkout" service for customers who wish to place an order without registering for an account but you will not receive any Pamper Points for orders placed this way.

Will Pamper Point of previous purchases be available if I wasn't registered at the time?

Yes! When you create an account with the email address you used to make your previous purchases, all previous Pamper Points that would have been allocated have been stored up and will now be allocated to your new account.

Do Pamper Points have an expiry date?

No, your Pamper Points do not expire.