Move over bath bombs,
shower bombs are making a splash.

Essentially Tamara

Our New Zealand made range of artisan shower bombs and shower bursts are crafted using natural ingredients. Our shower bombs are to the shower, what bath bombs are to the bath, turning your everyday routine into a moment of luxury.


Whether you only have time for a quick shower or you are able to take your time and relax, every shower can be elevated to a whole new level of showering bliss with either our shower bombs or shower bursts.

Both the bombs and bursts are made of exactly the same ingredients. The only difference is the size.

The bombs last for about 8 minutes in a shower and the bursts last approximately 4 minutes, which make them the perfect choice for shorter showers.

With either choice, the fragrances linger in the air long after they have dissolved during your shower.


Choose from one of our stunning collections or create your own choice of fragrances. You are all set to have 5 gorgeously luxurious showers.



Our smaller sized shower bursts are available in both the Signature and Botanical Collection fragrances, or you can choose from any of our fragrances to fill your box.

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How do Shower bombs work?

Place the shower bomb on the floor of the shower and let the warm water activate it, allowing a fragranced steam to envelop you. Breathe in the relaxation and breathe out the stress.

Spoil yourself or someone else

Add a little luxury to your everyday mundane shower with our premium handcrafted range of shower and body treats. Our wonderful blend of natural fragrances are created specially to elevate the shower experience to a whole new level.

We also offer beautifully elegant gift wrapping, so gift buying becomes even easier.

Elevate your shower experience
The tablet is unwrapped and placed on the shower floor where it fizzes away gradually during your shower while releasing beautiful fragrances into the steamy air, creating a spa-like experience in your shower.
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Give a moment of Indulgence
A gift you know will be appreciated. Each beautifully presented gift box contains either 3, 5 or 10 elegantly crafted shower bombs to turn their shower into something special.
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