Please remember that shower bombs are NOT bath bombs.  Please don't use your shower bomb in the bath as a bath bomb.  The fragrance oil percentage in shower bombs is far higher than in bath bombs and is too concentrated to bath in. 

Along with this, all our shower bombs contain pure menthol, which may cause a cold sensation on your skin if you soak in it.

Our shower bombs are safe to use with septic systems. Bicarbonate of soda, which is the main ingredient is completely safe for your septic tank and will not disrupt the bacteria balance. In fact, quite the opposite, most enzymes and bacteria grow in a non-acidic environment. By adding baking soda into your septic system, you raise the pH to a neutral condition which makes the bacteria grow faster and digest more of the waste.

All our Shower Bombs are packed full of fragrances and menthol. Please use with caution if you are sensitive to any of these ingredients.

Shower bombs and bursts are made from exactly the same ingredients, the only difference is the size. Bombs will last approximately 10-12 minutes in the shower, while the Bursts last approximately 5-6 minutes. How long they last depends very much on where you place them in relation to the water stream.

Even after they have dissolved, the beautiful fragrances linger in the air long afterwards, so you can continue to enjoy them throughout the day.

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