Our Story

About Essentially Tamara

The concept of Essentially Tamara was born in 2017, while chatting to my wonderful mum in our home on the Hibiscus Coast in New Zealand. She expressed, with a tinge of sadness, how age had affected her ability to get into and out of a bath and how incredibly much she missed the ‘me-time’ and luxury of a wonderfully relaxing bath. How she now had to resign herself to a life of boring showers.

Fast forward a few months, I was scrolling through the internet, looking for a bath bomb recipe to make with my young daughter when I stumbled across a post on how to make a ‘Shower Steamer’, something I had never heard of previously. I was immediately grabbed by this fantastic idea, sprang into action and followed this home-made recipe to the letter. It was a total flop! But the idea was born...


Where it all began - our repurposed home garage

My creativity ran wild, and my excitement grew as I set about creating my vision. No longer did the bath need to be the focal point of luxury and relaxation in a bathroom. I wanted to elevate the shower experience to a whole new level.

Two years on and many, many attempts at creating our now beautiful and perfectly hand-crafted shower bombs, Essentially Tamara was founded in May 2019.

From that point, we have perfected our Shower Bomb and Shower Burst recipes and continually strive to create more beautiful and unique shower time products which are also all hand crafted with love.


Our somewhat larger warehouse in Silverdale

It has been such an exciting journey to watch the popularity of our products grow, with stockists throughout New Zealand making repeat orders and my mum, along with many customers coming back for more. From little acorns…

I am so proud of what we have created and as such, naming our brand was really easy.

We have now moved from our humble beginning of working from our repurposed garage at home to now having our own premises and a fantastic team of 6 awesome ladies who put so much love and care into every shower bomb we make.