Reinvent your shower experience!

No longer does the bath need to be the focal point of luxury in the bathroom, not to mention that most homes now are not even built with a bath. But for me, it doesn’t get better than taking a shower.

But taking a shower doesn't mean that you have to give up the relaxing, spa-like experience.

The shower gets a workout every day so upgrade the experience in simple ways that will make you never want to leave! Read on for ways to up your supercharge your shower session and soak up the same benefits to your mind, body, and spirit.


Who says baths get all the fun products? Shower bombs and shower bursts are perfect for adding mood-boosting scents for pre-bedtime relaxation or early morning energy. 


If your shower is lined with half-used bottles and soap slivers, it’s time to declutter. I like to decant my shampoo and conditioner into pretty bottles so I don’t have to see a mound of plastic bottles sitting around everywhere. You may even want to consider turning away from plastic bottles and moving over to shampoo and conditioner bars, so much better for the environment.


I recently bought a waterproof speaker and made my own shower playlist. This has turned out to be absolutely brilliant, I have both gentle and relaxing playlists as well as pick-me-up pop music to sing along to. Because singing in the shower is just a must, right?!


A shower feels more like self care when you slow down and enjoy the process, when you become mindful and in the moment. When you make the shower about you and turn your intention and focus onto you.

Start by taking a moment to select music to match your mood, or music to elevate your mood if you are feeling a little low. Choose a shower bomb fragrance in the same way, either to match your mood or elevate it. Make sure that you have your favourite soap and facewash in the shower too.


Add a bit of of a 'standing-under-a-waterfall' feeling to your shower with a couple of bathroom friendly plants. Pick easy-to-grow options that don’t mind the extra humidity.


Treat yourself to a wonderfully fluffy towel and plush bath mat to end your shower on the right note by wrapping yourself in a towel that is soft and cozy.

Perhaps you can come up with other ways to turn your shower time into a time of self care. We would love to hear your ideas.



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