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With the Block Dock, it’s easy to eliminate plastic bottles from your shower by switching to bars of soap, shampoo & conditioner!

Designed for quick draining and all side airflow, your bar will dry faster, keep their shape and last longer meaning you get better value out of your bars

The Wide-fit Block Dock vertical soap dish suits bars up to 4cm in depth (the shortest side of any bar) and will fit most shapes, sizes and brands of bars. 

A suction cup comes with the Block Dock. When wet, it will adhere to almost all bathroom surfaces. There’s a tag to lift when you want to remove it, otherwise, it will stay put.

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I was given some of these shower bombs because of the name...they were amazing! I don't like baths, but love smelly things like bath bombs, so having something similar that works in the shower is awesome. Will definitely buy these again!
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Tamara Heayns
Hamilton, New Zealand

Absolutely love these shower bombs! The bursts are my favourite, just the right amount to have a shower. We have a shower dome so the fragrance is long lasting! I love both the signature and botanical collections. Depending on my mood is how I choose my fragrance.
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Stephanie Bradley
Ashburton, New Zealand
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